Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th...Off to a good start!

The crazy patients are out in full gear tonight and it is only 3 hours in! AH!
So as I sit at the nursing station, talking to the supervisor, explaining why I don't want to take another patient because two of the three are a hand full I look up to see my nutty patient crawling out the end of the bed.
He stops...probably because I yelled at him to hold still...and as I running towards his room I see that he is standing there on one leg. And I am thinking good he is just standing there one leg in bed still....Good!
NO! Not quite. So as I get into his room, as I ask him "What are you doing?"
He looks at me, laughs...never a good sign from a nutty patient. And stays (while smiling) "I wouldn't stand there if I were you!" And continues to giggle. "Because I am peeing on the floor!"
Be glad that you were not standing in my shoes tonight, be very glad!
Meanwhile nut number two next door, asked if there could be a 'pooping festival' because he thought that he could win....enough said!
Aw yes, the reasons I love nursing...Friday the 13th, Loony patients, & elimination-festivals!

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