Thursday, February 12, 2009

Random Facts

Random Facts Generated from a Slow night!

1. I love my food processor
2. I made some really really good shrimp the other day
3. And some really really good zesty orange dipping sauce to go with it.
4. We are going to the coast this weekend and I am excited.
5. I need to work out today...
6. However that is probably not going to happen because once I get home I will probably get into bed and never want to get out of it.
7. I am in a chocolate mood right now and chocolate cake sounds amazing!
8. I read a whole scrapbooking magazine tonight and when I say read I actually read every last word in the whole thing.
9. My pants that I am wearing are high-water-ish...but I wear them anyways because they are comfortable.
10. I am out of Honey Nut cheerios...and that is what I want for breakfast when I go home :(

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