Friday, June 19, 2009

Happiness Challenge

Do you ever think that sometimes when we are sad about not truly being happy, we are just not looking at the happiness & joy that we already truly have? And that sometimes it is frustrating to not be able to appreciate this already owned happiness?
So my challenge to myself today is to see my owned happiness because I hate to be sad! And I challenge you to do the same next time your cloud is a little grey.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dear Nightshift,

Dear Night shift,

I would appreciate if you would stop making me feel old and sick all the time. Really, it is not a pleasant thing to stay up all hours with you when my body wants to sleep and you are a real party animal. Not that I don't enjoy your company, but my body is queen and she is starting to rebel. You are starting to feel like a drinking binge that is never going to end, the exhausted intoxication, nausea, fatigue, and lack of ability to think correctly set in when I am up working all night long with you.

So don't take it personally Night shift but I would really like to part ways, I will come back and visit on my own choosing. And I am sure that we will reacquaint quickly like old friends....things are great at first when we get together, then at 0100 you decide to drag me through the ringer and you make me so nauseated it is all I can do to not puke and keep my eyes open. Then by 0600 I am so excited you are almost over I start to wake up & get excited. But until then could you please be just a little nicer...I promise I will be in a much better mood if you don't make me feel so terrible.


The weary night shift nurse