Friday, April 10, 2009

Random thoughts from the last couple weeks

1. I had an amazing time with my sister when she was here. Ya for sisters!

2. And ya for the retail therapy Michelle & I could say we did our part to stimulate the economy.

3. Tony & I planted a tree in our back yard and put rock down around was fun until we had to pull it up to fix the leak from the sprinklers.

4. We also planted a little veggie garden...I feel old being so excited for my little garden.

5. I love that spring is making an appearance.

6. I am excited to go to the critical care conference next week. I am looking forward to being excited & motivated about my job again.

7. My conference is in Vegas and I am flying in on Easter night....Sin City on Easter, something is just wrong about that.

8. I have a hard time dealing with stupid...and my patience level has not been the highest this week.

9. I found an Acute Care Nursing Program at Creighton and got really excited about it this if Tony could just suck up an office job for a few years :)

10. Tonight is my last of the week and I would be lying if I said I wasn't the least bit excited!!

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