Monday, January 12, 2009

Chirstmas Finally Came

Christmas finally came in January when we went home. Christmas may physically be December 25th but I decided that nothing feels like Christmas until you are with family & friends!

It was great to be home and hard to leave (like always). We managed to squeeze 6 Christmas celebrations into 5.5 days, and we have learned our lesson that that is really not enough time! And this year we really got to feel like Santa...and decided that he has a tough job delivering every one's gifts in one day. Our UPS packages that we had shipped home before the holidays didn't arrive until our last day there and with a lot of scurrying we managed to deliver every last gift to everyone. By the time we were done we had 10 minutes to finish packing and head to the airport -- what would a vacation home be feeling well rested by the end right?? It is only our style to fit everything in humanly possible. We are grateful to have been able to see our family & friends...even if we only had a small amount of time with everyone.
2009 is already flying by. January 12th? Really?...I guess that means resolutions were suppose to start, however I decided to put them on hold until I am over this cold. Who wants to start something when they don't feel good, honestly?? ....Maybe I should add stop procrastinating to my list of resolutions this year?

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  1. Christmas on crack... I like it. I think there's a certain ring to it! :)